Best/Favourites of 2018: Mascaras!

Hello and Welcome Back to my Run Down on the Best. Makeup. Products. Of. 2018. Period! We're most of the way through all the makeup that I've loved this year and today I'm talking about mascara. I don't wear falsies myself because I wear glasses, and my lashes already...

Best/Favourites of 2018: Eyeshadows!

(This is going to be a big one.) Welcome back to my #Bestof2018 makeup series where I go into detail on each of my favourite makeup products in each category! Today's one is eyeshadows! This year, for the first time in a few years, I've actually been excited about...

Best/Favourites of 2018: Highlighters!

Hieeeee! Welcome back to my #Bestof2018 series where I go into detail on what my favourite products have been in 2018! Today's topic is Highlighters are ridiculously popular and are all about drawing attention to wherever you lay it down. It does not have to be...

Best/Favourites of 2018: Blushers!

Hello, hello! Welcome, welcome! This installment of my #Bestof2018 is all about blushes I have loved this year. Let's get into it! I love blush, because it's the fastest way to look healthy and youthful and lift you up, in my opinion. That said, I'm very particular...

Best/Favourites of 2018: Contour!

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my #Bestof2018 favourite products run down! Today I am going into my best and favourite contour products of 2018. Contouring is all about creating new shadows onto your face to emphasize the structure of your face (or body). Contour...

Best/Favourites of 2018: Concealer!

Welcome back to my #Bestof2018 series! Today I'm talking about my favourite concealer of 2018...and I have a lot to say about this! My biggest issue is that I have dry/sensitive/reactive skin, and my undereyes get dry quickly from a lot of the popular concealers out...

Best/Favourites of 2018: Setting Powder!

Hello again! Welcome back to my #Bestof2018 series where I talk about all the best products I loved in 2018 and why I have loved them! Today I want to talk about setting powder. I don't often fully powder down and set my face, if I do then it's for a heavy night out...

Best/Favourites of 2018: Foundations!

Hello everyone! Today's best/favourite of 2018 is looking at foundations since we may (or may not! 😁 Whichever works best for you!) have primed our faces in the previous post. I have 3 that I have used all year and love, love, love: First up! My favourite every day...

Best/Favourites of 2018: Foundation Primer!

Hi everyone! This is the start of my series on what were my best and favourite products of 2018. I'm going to run through these in more or less the same order I would normally put makeup on. So let's kick it off today with Foundation Primer! (In Capitals! Because!)....

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