Welcome back to this final installment of my Best/Favourite products of 2018!

The last Best Of product I want to talk about is setting sprays!

Just like primer, this is another one of those “entirely optional” steps that you might not need to do.

Setting sprays are there to beautify and extend the longevity of what you’ve put on your face. There’s quite a market for them and there are different types of setting sprays to match your skin type too.

I personally love setting sprays because I want longevity, especially since I tend to use more creamy and hydrating formulas on my dry/reactive skin, and I want my face to stay on for more than 5-6 hours please without touching it up, thank you. I find that a good hydrating setting sprays will lengthen my wear time by approximately 2-3 hours.

Another reason for using a setting spray is to “melt” all the layers you’ve put on your face together – a bit like if you created layers in a graphics program like Canva, and you export it as a JPG? Very that – when you spray your face with a setting spray, it compacts all the layers you’ve put on into one cohesive layer on your face.

Coincidentally, this is what can save you if you put too much powder on your face – it compresses it into a single layer.

Or if you don’t want to use any powders, a setting spray can help with longevity instead by meshing all the creams you’ve applied together into one layer on your face.

So because of that, I do love a good setting spray, but as I say, it’s a completely optional step that might not work for everyone – some experimentation is needed, really!

Throughout this year there has only been one setting spray I used over and over again:

Skindinavia The Makeup Finishing Spray


This is one of the first major setting sprays that came out years ago, before they partnered with Urban Decay to bring out the famous All-Nighter and Chill setting sprays – and it’s damn good. Even with my dry skin it doesn’t dry my skin out, and it holds my makeup together for a good 2-3 hours more than if I went without it, even after setting with powders. The spritzer on it is wonderful and creates a nice cloud of product rather than it shooting or spitting out at you *cough* MAC Fix+ *cough*.

(Which is a pity, because I love the MAC Fix+ over the Skindinavia, except the spritzer is too strong and concentrated, to the point where the makeup can be moved by the force of the spritzer! Also, it does take a long time to dry, so I can only use this when I have the time to let it dry…but I do prefer the formula and finish of it.

…and I didn’t have it for most of 2018 😂 so it’s not a best/favourite of 2018, but despite its setbacks, I do love it!)

Anyways! Skindinavia setting spray! If you are on the lookout for a new setting spray, I definitely recommend this one – you can get them in small travel size too if you wanted to try it before splashing out on a full-size one.

You can buy Skindinavia The Makeup Finishing Spray here: *https://go.magik.ly/ml/k3yu/*



WE MADE IT! It’s been a journey and we’re finally at the end of the #Bestof2018 series!

I hope that it was informative, fun and got you thinking about your own routines!

Speaking of which: comment down below and tell me, do you like your routines, and if not, why not?  How do you want to feel when putting on makeup?

Catherine x


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