Welcome Back to my detailed #Bestof2018 makeup run-down!

We’re (finally) on the penultimate post on the makeup front – today I’m talking about all the lip products I have loved this year.

So I should preface this list with a little explanation – I don’t normally wear lipsticks. I really don’t like liquid lipsticks because I don’t like the intense colours and pigments on my mouth, and they’re not versatile. Normally I wear lipliners all over my lips instead for colour, and add gloss or lip balm over the top for hydration – they’re cheaper, more versatile in application, and they’re easy to throw into my handbag for reapplication later if I want to.
Accordingly, I don’t have any liquid nor bullet lipsticks in my list, except for one as an honourable mention, which I’ll get to later on – instead, I am discussing favourite lipliners and lipglosses.

So without further ado! The first favourite lip liner of 2018 is

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk


I prefer pinky-beige colours rather than more tawny brown colours because tawny browns tend to wash me out and tend to make me look ill. This is my go-to pinky-brown-nude-beige lipliner that I have worn and loved all year – 9/10 times I’ll wear this lipliner all over my lips, because it goes with pretty much anything that I put on my face. It’s a creamy and comfortable pencil, meaning that it keeps your lips hydrated and less prone to chapping, and you don’t notice that you’re wearing it once it’s on. It’s easy to apply and sharpen, it wears off quite slowly and, like with all lip pencils, it’s easy to reapply and re-perfect if you wanted to.
It’s a real classic, it’s a colour that looks beautiful on many people, and definitely highly recommended by me.

You can buy Charlotte’s Lip Cheat in Pillowtalk here: *https://go.magik.ly/ml/k3wp/*

The other lipliners that have blown me away this year will be a shock…

I need to tell you about

Primark lipliners


I’m not joking – MakeMeUpMissa on YouTube and Instagram is a lovely influencer from Edinburgh in Scotland, and she talked about Primark lipliners. At 90p-£1 per pencil? It’s literally worth every penny!
And she wasn’t joking either – these lipliners are creamy, hydrating enough, stay on for a long time, and are easy to apply. They’re comfortable enough – not quite as comfortable from the get-go as Charlotte’s Lip Cheats, I do initially feel the lipliner for about 2-3 minutes because it’s a little bit waxy, but when it melts into your lips? Awesome!
And it’s impossible to argue at that price. Seriously – pick up a colour that’s closest to your favourite lip liner colour and try it out. I’m still quite serious. Try it. If you hate it? Well, it’ll still be 13x cheaper than a Charlotte Tilbury one. And if you decide to love it and keep it? You’ve just saved money over pretty much the entire makeup market!



OK – onto my Best/Favourite lipglosses of 2018 – my first one is my eternal favourite:

Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamoured Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer in Rebel Rebel


This is my ultimate lip colour for a gloss – a blue-based raspberry shade. It glides on so easily, is so comfortable and hydrating enough for a gloss (more hydrating for me than Fenty’s Gloss Bomb, more flattering for me than any of the Gloss Bombs…yes, I’m going there!), it has staying power in that you can drink something and you won’t need to reapply the gloss instantly. Once the glossy layer disappears, the colour still remains, so it’s not that noticeable. It has a very light mint scent, barely noticeable but present, so if that kind of thing puts you off, don’t go for it – personally I like it. Another thing I love about this is the reflects are very tiny and multicoloured in it, and when it’s on your lips, it gives such a beautiful, slightly juicy look to the lips, you can’t see the reflects at all.
This is my absolute favourite lip gloss ever since Marc Jacobs Beauty has launched and it likely always will be.

You can buy Marc Jacobs Beauty’s lip gloss in Rebel Rebel here: *https://go.magik.ly/ml/k3wy/*

However, this year I did take RawBeautyKristy’s recommendation and this gloss has also become a staple in my collection (and handbag!):

NYX Butter Gloss in Angel Food Cake


This is a berry nude colour that is so smooth, so hydrating and so comfortable that sometimes I’ll go out wearing nothing else but this when I forget my lip balm. It’s a great drugstore price of £5.50 and lives in my handbag next to Marc Jacobs’ Rebel Rebel – Angel Food Cake is more pink but does not have the same reflects that Marc Jacobs’ one does, the NYX one is a flat colour, so whenever I want a flat glossy look, I go for the NYX Butter Gloss instead. Highly recommended drugstore gloss, this one, definitely worth trying.

You can buy NYX Butter Gloss in Angel Food Cake here: *https://go.magik.ly/ml/k3x3/*

Honourable Mention: Lisa Eldridge Plush True Velvet Lipstick in Velvet Bow


I can’t leave this list without nodding to the lovely Lisa Eldridge’s limited edition lipstick that she released – a small collection of classic matte red bullet lipsticks that are “true velvet” – as in, it looks like actual velvet on the bullet. It was released late in the year, towards the end of November, and I’ve only worn it once (in a critical interview, actually! Went down a treat!), but I can say that this is a comfortable matte that doesn’t suck all the life out of your lips (good for me, my lips are always thirsty!), and it is long wearing in that it fades evenly over the hours. I loved the whole experience of this product from its concept to its delivery and packaging, a real homage to vintage lipsticks and all very Lisa. I actually also made sure to pick up Velvet Jazz for one of my close friends because as soon as I saw it, I thought that it was the perfect red for her and wanted her to have one before they all sold out.
Lisa has indicated that she is looking into producing another run of these lipsticks in 2019, and the day these are re-released will be a wonderful day for the makeup world indeed.

Wow. That was a long one.

If you’re still here…WAKE UP!

And tell me please! What are your favourite lip products?

Catherine x


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