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Continuing my detailed #bestof2018 makeup products, I’m now going into brow products.

My personal preference with brows is to use a brow mascara, backcomb it through first, then brush it back through the right way…and that’s it! (LOL).
Well, yeah – on the daily, and probably 80% of the time, yes. I am lucky in that my brows are quite dark, but since reaching *cough* and surpassing 30 *cough*, I have noticed that my brows have thinned noticibly, but the shape is still there.

My favourite brow mascara of 2018 was

Glossier Boy Brow


It seems like everyone and their mothers loved this brow mascara! It’s an all-in-one brow filler and shaper, but unlike most brow mascaras, whilst this one does keep your brows in place, it doesn’t leave your brows crispy and looks and feels natural. It’s fast and easy to run it through your brows – 30 seconds and you’re done, less if you don’t backcomb using it first.
Quick and easy to use, not too expensive per bottle (£14), lasts a few months per bottle – definitely worth it, definitely one of the best products in 2018 I’ve used.

You can buy the Glossier Boy Brow here: *https://go.magik.ly/ml/k1pi/*

Aside from brow mascara, if I want my brows to be stronger but still natural-looking, before running the brow mascara through, I will fill in my brows with

GOSH Eye Brow Kit Multi


This kit is great because it’s inexpensive but works beautifully. The colours in it are good staple colours that lean cool-toned, so it fills in any small gaps in your brows naturally and quickly. It’s small enough to travel with, and it lasts for absolutely ages – I’ve had this since 2017 and you can see it’s been used, but it’s easily got another year plus left in it for me.

You can buy the GOSH Brow Kit Multi here: *https://go.magik.ly/ml/k1pk/*

Over to you now! How far to you go with your brows? Do you go for the more dramatic Instagram/YouTube/Cara Delevigne-style brows, or do you prefer an easy and natural look? What do you use on your brows?
See you very soon! Next up is an exciting one: Best Eyeshadows of 2018!
Catherine x

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