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This installment of my #Bestof2018 is all about blushes I have loved this year. Let’s get into it!

I love blush, because it’s the fastest way to look healthy and youthful and lift you up, in my opinion. That said, I’m very particular about the shades I use and lean heavily towards pinks, berries, reds, and the odd tawny brown blush shades. I do not like oranges, apricots, corals nor beiges for blushes on my own skin tone, purely because those tend to make me look *and feel* washed out.

Now, the thing to understand is that within each broad colour range, there *will* be a shade that will suit you – for example, even though I don’t generally like apricots and orange blush colours, there absolutely will be an apricot colour that suits me, there absolutely will be an orange colour that suits me, and neither of them will make me look or feel washed out. However, I prefer the look of pinks, berries and reds on me than almost any other blush colour.

Because of this I’m mostly going to talk about the formula of the products I loved this year, with reference to the colours I have loved.

First up is…I gotta be honest here, super sorry:

BECCA x Jaclyn Hill face palette


I’m sorry about it because this was limited edition nearly 2 years ago and has not been available for purchase for at least 18 months, but in all honesty, this is always the first blush palette I reach for when I want a powder blush. I love the BECCA blush formula because it stays on all day, and I cannot say that about pretty much any other blush I have tried or used, almost all of them disappear within a couple of hours. With the BECCA formula, yes, it is pigmented and therefore a little trickier to manipulate, and you only need a little bit of it, but when you lay it down and go about your day, after the initial top layer you placed down has worn off, you still have that colour there all. day. long! I love and appreciate that longevity. Just be aware that you may have a bit of a learning curve to use it and I recommend thinking about applying it in the same kind of places as you would lay down a liquid blush – lay down the colour and blend out, little by little. Do not go in gung hi with a huge brush and think you can blend it away to nothing later – you can’t, but the payoff is that if you do place it down right, it’ll last all day (yay!).

I am on the lookout for similar colours with a long-wearing formula, particularly for the middle shade called Amaretto, that is such a beautiful, healthy, summer glow on Mayfair skin. I believe that Charlotte Tilbury’s “First Love” blush might be similar but have yet to experiment with it.

Another blush I have loved this year is

NARS Orgasm blush


I do love this OG blush because the glittery reflects in it double up for me as highlighter, so if I only have time to put down blush and not highlight, I’ll use this one. A lot of people don’t like the glittery reflects in it – I’m ok with that.

I must point out though that this is a beautiful blush for when you are outside and away from artificial lights – in daylight, it is a beautiful, healthy, pinky sheen that doesn’t need highlighter on top; under artificial light, the pale gold sheen stops you seeing the pink flush and emphasizes the glittery reflects. I genuinely believe that the reason so many YiuTube and Instagram influencers aren’t keen on this is because it doesn’t work well under artificial lights and doesn’t translate on camera well, but in real life? In the flesh? Ooooooh yeeeeees.

I have found that the NARS formula is long-wearing if you like it on and work it into your skin too. As I say, longevity in blushes matter to me!

You can buy NARS Orgasm blush here: *https://go.magik.ly/ml/ji0s/*

Speaking of longevity, nothing beats a cream/liquid blush for staying power, and the best cream/liquid blushes I had this year we’re the

Glossier Cloud Paint


Some people find cream blushes intimidating to use but the trick is to use really small amounts in thin layers, and being really precise as to where you place it down in the first place. Whilst the general rule is to place blush wherever you naturally would blush, I like to place my blush high on the apples and swooping back across my cheekbones, even slightly blending into my temples and towards my forehead a tiny bit when blending it out.

I did say I liked blush, right? 😂

What I love about these Cloud Paints is that whilst there are 6 basic colours, you can use them together to make custom blends of colours to match your mood. My personal favourites that I’ve used this year are Puff and Haze, and sometimes I’ll mix them together or apply a smidge more Haze into the centre of where I place down my blush to give a more intense look.

You can buy the Glossier Cloud Paints here: *https://go.magik.ly/ml/ji0z/*

So tell me! Do you prefer powder or cream blushes? What have been your favourite products in 2018?

Sound off down in the comments!


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